Can we ban the word “foreplay”?

Foreplay is something that happens before the main event — the main event being, obviously, intercourse.

Since most women don’t orgasm easily via intercourse alone (no matter how big you are or how long you last) the word “foreplay” implies that the activities which generally result in climax for women are not the main event. Thanks a lot! Clitoral stimulation (by mouth, fingers, toys, penises) is as much the main event for women as stimulation of the penis is for men. Women do get clitoral stimulation from intercourse but for most women it’s not the most efficient form.

How would you like it if the things that made you orgasm most reliably were considered just “foreplay”?


Real women

Everyone masturbates to fantasies -- pictures, vids and such.

But you probably aren’t going to be spending your real life sex life with porn stars and sex workers.  When you’re ready to move on to real women, it’s a good idea to get real.

Real women aren’t airbrushed…but then neither are you.  They have flaws and idiosyncrasies and real live smells and tastes.  Guess what…you, too. 

Although in a general sense, you can’t tell your genitals what to think, the more you focus on supreme hotness, the less chance you have to get real fulfillment and pleasure in your life.  Yep, you may be able to score with Angelina Jolie, but it’s unlikely.