What’s you sex q?

Heterosexual men: what’s your sexual intelligence quotient? How much do you know about female sexual physiology? Did you know, for example, that the clitoris has more nerve endings than the penis? The clitoris is ground zero for women’s sexuality and orgasm. Although women often enjoy intercourse, only a small percentage of women orgasm from intercourse alone.

There is clitoral tissue that is accessible from inside the vagina – there’s more to the clit than meets the eye (or tongue or fingers!)

All those emails and late night commercials want to convince you that women’s satisfaction depends on how big your penis is and how long you can have intercourse – not so! Her orgasm is way, way, way more likely to be about her clit and how you can stimulate it. Stay tuned.

Remember, though that every woman is the best expert on what works for her, sexually. The more open and honest you can be with her, the easier it will be for her to tell you, directly, what works for her.

Are you manly enough for an anatomy lesson on Oprah.com???



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