Finding the G-spot

Here’s a GREAT blog about finding the g-spot.

Go get em!  Happy spelunking!


Kate Morgan’s Porn 101

I happened on a show on Showtime (?) called Kate Morgan’s Porn 101.  It was hosted by a woman who I guess is a well known porn star.  She stood next to the clips of the history of porn nude: quite slim with big suspiciously round and perky breasts (likely implants) and completely shaved pubes.

She was blond and relatively articulate, I thought.  The porn history was not uninteresting: it seemed quite innocent.  The women seemed relatively real compared to Kate.

But I thought…that’s it?  That’s how we’ve portrayed sex?  I did notice that in many of the older Asian renditions of sex, the lovers are often looking into each other’s eyes.  In the West it seems like the woman isn’t really even there except as sort of vacant set of orifices.  With giant, upright boobs.  That’s what we call hot.

It’s pathetic, really.

Speaking of Margaret Cho

Image behind Margaret during her new HBO show, "Beautiful"

Image behind Margaret during her new HBO show, "Beautiful"

She’s got a new special on HBO that is hilarious and subversive and great.

Her material is unbelievably filthy but there’s a sweetness and innocence about her approach to sexuality that I find absolutely endearing.   She doesn’t seem fixated on any of it.  It’s like talking about sexuality without the de-repression boomerang reaction.

So much of the way sexuality is handled in public discourse seems to be a reaction to the long history of repression that, for us moderns, probably derives from Victorianism.  Lots of comics talk about sex but there’s an undercurrent of repulsion or fear or anger in their “openness.”

Reaction to repression is just as defined by repression as submitting to repression.  I think Cho’s attitude represents a willingness to meet all the issues of sexuality (particularly queer culture) fully and fearlessly.  She would be the last person to say she’s without issues.  Her willingness to work through her issues with her audiences I find very cool.

More insanity about women having orgasms through intercourse

More insanity about women having orgasms through intercourse

I love Margaret Cho but I kinda don’t get why having an orgasm through intercourse is important enough to get a medical procedure to facilitate it.

She told the ladies on The View that she got what’s called a “g-shot” – a bead of collagen injected into the g-spot (OMFG.)  She said it didn’t work (surprise!) and was a not fun experience.

Happily, Margaret recommended against doing it.  Yay!

Letting someone in there with a needle when you don’t have to?  I SO don’t think so.

Stop the insanity!  Most women don’t have orgasms from intercourse alone.  So fucking what?  I get that whole face-to-face (or whatever) intercourse thing makes it nice for everybody to have orgasms about the same time but there are ways to make this happen.

  1. She adds a little clitoral stimulation with her own hand while you’re having intercourse.   This is good but is a little like masturbation which I’m not dissing but doesn’t quite have the punch of someone else making you come.
  2. You add a little clitoral stimulation with your hand while you’re having intercourse.  This may be a little carpal-tunnel producing in missionary position but doggy style and side-to-side it’s easy.  Try it.  Get in the rhythm.
  3. See how she is about adding a little toy/vibrator thingy.  For some women, vibrators make for way-too-fast, way-too-trivial orgasms but for others they’re great.

I hope we get over this women having orgasms through intercourse is far superior to women having orgasms the way they have them thing SOON.