Kate Morgan’s Porn 101

I happened on a show on Showtime (?) called Kate Morgan’s Porn 101.  It was hosted by a woman who I guess is a well known porn star.  She stood next to the clips of the history of porn nude: quite slim with big suspiciously round and perky breasts (likely implants) and completely shaved pubes.

She was blond and relatively articulate, I thought.  The porn history was not uninteresting: it seemed quite innocent.  The women seemed relatively real compared to Kate.

But I thought…that’s it?  That’s how we’ve portrayed sex?  I did notice that in many of the older Asian renditions of sex, the lovers are often looking into each other’s eyes.  In the West it seems like the woman isn’t really even there except as sort of vacant set of orifices.  With giant, upright boobs.  That’s what we call hot.

It’s pathetic, really.