Wisdom and Rants

Wisdom and Rants

1. You can’t tell your genitals what to think
It would be great to be attracted to everyone who’s cool and a great person regardless of what they look like. It just doesn’t work that way.
But there is probably more you can do about this than you think. Think about what it is like not to be attracted to someone and then you see that person with someone else. Especially someone you look up to or admire for some reason. All of a sudden they look way hotter…how does that happen?
So try imagining that you’re attracted to someone you wish you were attracted to. You may end up having a wealth of sexual experience that you wouldn’t have anticipated.

2. Shaved pubes
I don’t like them. They’re a style — they’re a recent style. For women, mostly, but I hear some men are doing this. OMG. Some say the style derived from those teeny thong bikinis down in Brazil. I think the porn industry played a part as it seems to want women to look younger and younger — that is, pre-adolescent. Pubes were considered the sexiest thing ever up until a few years ago.
I also get that some people like the aesthetics of the everything-fully-visible pussy and I can’t argue with that – the vulva is a beautiful thing. And a few of my sexy women friends have claimed to get some extra sensation from being shaved.
However, there is nothing grosser than a mouth full of stubble in my opinion. You really have to keep it maintained. Which, depending on your ethnicity, is either no big deal or an expensive, painful hassle.
Eesh, it’s so great to love what we just are. How we look and taste and…

3. Orifices and appendages
The truth is there are only some many orifices and so many appendages and a finite number of ways to combine them. The rest is mind and heart and spirit.


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